Elaine B.

Oakland, CA

Thank you so much for taking care of our house and garden while we were away! Knowing that you were regularly checking on our place, watering the yard, and making sure our home was secure really allowed us to relax and enjoy our vacation. Often, when I come home after being away I’m anxious about break-ins or something going wrong. This time, not only did we come back to a thriving garden and a house that looked exactly as we left it, but having fresh milk and eggs and bread and cheese in the fridge meant we didn’t have to worry about shopping after a long flight. Grace, we’d recommend your house-sitting services to anyone who needs them.

Holly K.

Alameda, CA

I feel very fortunate to have Grace in my life. From the pot of chicken soup she prepared for me when I was sick, to the doctors’ visits she’s taken me to, to the loving care she gives my cats when I’m out of town, she is always helpful and kind.

Marcy Y.

Oakland, CA

I called Grace to put flea control treatment on my cat Keri who is infamously difficult to treat. Grace was a real pro—very patient and gentle so that Keri calmed down and just got used to her being in the house. Next thing I knew, Keri was set with her flea treatment, and went along with her day like nothing happened. Suffice to say, Grace is super with pets—she has a real affinity with furry or feathered critters. I highly recommend her services!

Art P.

Santa Monica, CA

I want to thank you for your services, which made the move from my old to my new office go without a glitch. Your talent for researching the appropriate service providers and helping to arrange the details of the move meant that I was able to focus on my business and not worry. Thank you again for researching and selecting the company I needed and for helping me to ensure that the move went without a problem.

M. Kelechava

Oakland / Tahoe City, CA

Grace managed my Airbnb rental skiing property remotely during an extremely busy and hectic winter snow season. She excels at guest communications and resolving emergency situations. She also went above and beyond to help us improve the process of running the property, by creating in-depth guidebooks and proactively suggesting and implementing operational improvements. I'd recommend her highly for anyone looking to manage a busy property or other intensive customer service related work.